All my friends tell me to have more treatments because of the noticeable difference it makes to me physically, psychologically an emotionally.
Whilst my doctors are very enthusiastic with the reduction in my medicines.

a very happy client
Louis D, Castlemaine

Following post traumatic stress from both the workplace and my personal life, I was drawn to try brain training sessions. I was eager to try something that was non-invasive and not medication.

From the very first session I felt calmer and after a few sessions my thoughts felt clearer and more organised. Neurofeedback Brain Training is incredible! It is not to be underestimated as an aid to coping with stress.

Cate C, Bendigo

With a heavy workload, many deadlines to meet, late nights and early starts taking their toll, I decided to try Neurofeedback Brain Training, I now feel I am working more efficiently and sleeping better as a result.

Sandy C, Castlemaine